1 Way to Short-Circuit Presentation Nerves

Winner or Loser? It all depends on how you edit. At The Speaking Intensive℠ the most common answer to the question: What do you like least about speaking? is Nerves. One way to help short-circuit presentation nerves … AVOID THE LOSER EDIT. Urban Dictionary... read more

The Third Rail of Business Presenting

In more normal times a Presidential Award would be an impressive credential – pure and simple. Yet when the speaker’s introduction specified his award came from “President Barack Obama,” the man in the row ahead folded his arms and angrily said: “He just lost... read more

Can You Hit The Reset Button While Presenting?

Knowing how and when to hit the reset button is an often over-looked skill that is critical to the craft of public speaking. Have you ever sat in an audience where the speaker wasn’t connecting – not because the content was off, but because the speaker’s energy... read more

How to Present Successfully to Multi-Generations

Google “How to Present to Multi-Generations” and you’ll see a results list containing loads of information on managing, engaging and motivating. In financial services and other industries, mastering the challenge of successfully presenting ideas, concepts and data in... read more