Is This Our Time?

It feels premature to say it, but this may just be Our Time! This may be Our Time – not despite the enormous challenges facing our personal well-being and our healthcare, economic, and political systems – but because of those challenges. History shows that... read more

7 Ways to Present in a 5-Minute Huddle

5-minute “huddles” are the new meeting trend. As Sue Shellenbarger reported in The Wall Street Journal (11/08/2017), “Long-winded monologues and Power Points are out. There is no room for small talk.” … Meetings are all about “distilling … ideas and requests to … the... read more

1 Way to Short-Circuit Presentation Nerves

Winner or Loser? It all depends on how you edit. At The Speaking Intensive℠ the most common answer to the question: What do you like least about speaking? is Nerves. One way to help short-circuit presentation nerves … AVOID THE LOSER EDIT. Urban Dictionary... read more